Sex is a fact.

In the 2020’s a woman can become president or the world champion in football. A girl can like a girl and a boy can wear a dress. Biological sex defines our physical reality but it no longer needs to restrict anything!

The transgender phenomenon is based on gender ideology which harms our society in many ways. It is now time to start a conversation about gender ideology. Is gender dysphoria the new anorexia?

P.S. The word “Kirjo” is a Finnish equivalent to the English term “spectrum” (of color or types of people). You can follow and join us here.


For you,

the young person who deserves a better life

It’s a good thing if you’re questioning who you are. Perhaps you have noticed that people are doing so quite a lot these days, “it’s a hot topic”. Even though gender is said to be varied instead of black and white, many people try to find their true selves through a black-to-white movement of female to male. The transition from woman to man specifically has become an idolized and life-changing sensation among young adults. Most teens who consider themselves trans wish to fix themselves from female to male in order to “become their true selves”. But here is the paradox: why should someone change in order to become their true self? Doesn’t becoming your true self mean self-acceptance - not cutting up your body parts?

The transgender movement has done significant work in Western countries in order to change the definition of biological sex. Identifying with trans individuals’ heroic tales is easy, especially for a youngster just gaining independence. Transition is always accompanied by elements of a gripping story: the trans person is living their everyday life, but something is wrong, then they discover their “true self” and begin a battle against biology and society, backed up by the trans community which may even overtake and replace family bonds. Finally they find their “true self”. Those who do not fare so well are not around to tell their stories, as they are no longer included in the trans community. These are people who, during their transition or after completing it, realized that gender ideology is like a religion promising paradise for those who follow their advice and see the community as a family. Religions are also joined consensually and with good intentions. If you have been encouraged to believe that your body is not your own, remember that you are the victim here. You have nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to feel regret. Your actions have been in good faith.

Transgenderism is not based on medical facts or studies. Although the experience of being in the wrong body may be whole-hearted, it has yet to be proved as reality. Transgenderism is indeed one (often ideological) way to describe people who experience anxiety relating to their body, sex and/or gender. From an adult’s perspective, trans identity among teenagers often seems to be linked to certain subcultures or even lifestyles. Psychiatry is aware of many conditions in which a person’s anxiety transforms and they then seek help for their anxiety through a different condition. Anxiety may manifest itself as inexplicable pains, states of terror, there is Munchhausen’s, anorexia nervosa, etc. Usually individuals suffering from such disorders do not form mass movements that draw other people in. However, it has happened before with other types of body dysphorias such as eating disorders. People suffering from eating disorders (or gender ideology) do not intentionally lure others to join them, but social media and the opportunity to share experiences and search for like-minded people online has lead to the situation escalating dramatically. Instagram, for example, has now needed to delete certain eating disorder-related hashtags which were seen to increase the number of afflicted people. Certain psychological phenomena spread easily through social media. In particular, girls have been observed to be susceptible to so-called social contagion, which means developing symptoms “caught” from other people.


“As an older transman, it’s very strange to see so many young people wanting to change themselves as fast as possible. I spent 7 years in therapy and for me, medical transition was the final option when other treatment was no longer helpful to me. You often see younger trans boys who think they will become fairylike men resembling k-pop stars.”

A comment on Musta Orkidea’s Youtube channel


When you begin transitioning, the pressure increases

“I had visits to the gender clinic for 2.5 years to be examined, but refused a transgender diagnosis and medical transition at the final meeting. Thankfully I came to my senses and understood that my problems originated somewhere quite different before it was too late. I doubt I would ever have had these realizations if I hadn’t left the bubble formed by the LGBTQ community, in which desisting would have been seen as even slightly shameful. The gender clinic staff also seemed to do nothing but push to further the process and they asked me to, among other things, cut my hair and wear certain clothes.”

A comment on Musta Orkidea’s Youtube channel


If you have become a victim of gender ideology

  • Remember that you have acted in good faith and have not done anything wrong. You are also not alone - gender-related anxiety and questioning has increased rapidly during the era of social media. You can see others’ stories in our blog.

  • Remember that even without the transgender movement, you are free to express yourself in any way, as a man, woman, genderless, nonbinary, gay, straight, asexual, goth, dog, normie or without caring for labels at all.

  • If you do have gender dysphoria, it’s very important to examine how it could be treated other than with hormones. Hormone replacement therapy causes irreversible changes, such as infertility without exception (you will become unable to reproduce), permanent and radical changes to the voice, baldness, dependency on medication and often sexual problems as well (such as the inability to orgasm). Mental health issues often worsen soon after treatment (the pink bubble suddenly bursts). The risk for osteoporosis also increases. Doctors admit that current hormonal treatments are completely experimental and not based on normal medicine. Doctors also remind that these treatments come with huge risks, although such risks are not discussed in honesty by most gender clinic employees. Minors transitioning medically is new and a conversation on its ethical and medical risks has only begun this very year.

  • Take care of yourself. The process of transition is often very intense, which can even lead to other areas of life being neglected. Try to return to the rest of your life. Treat your existing anxieties!!! The emptiness left over from the “trans religion” can be treated through therapy or, for example, by seeking out an old, well-loved hobby. Time heals many things. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  • Remember that people may have difficulty accepting you no longer participating in your “religion”, aka. if you start to reject gender ideology. People who depart from extremist movements are often shunned and pressured into returning to the so-called truth. However, you only live once and owe yourself the act of listening to yourself instead some movement. You are the leader of your own life. Seek support in those who accept you as you are.

  • Keep searching. It is said that gender ideology castrates lesbians and gay people. Some gender non-conforming girls (such as those who consider themselves trans boys) are lesbians. It may be that this has not occurred to you due to gender ideology explaining identity to you in a very different way.

  • Find new role models. It is understandable that today’s sexist image of womanhood may not appeal to you. Many masculine women exist, some of whom can be found on our blog. Unfortunately, these people are not celebrated, unlike the trans-identified stars of YouTube battling their way through hormones and surgeries. Despite this, there are many ordinary people whose stories and identities may inspire you if you give them a chance.

If you yourself are not a victim

  • If you disagree with the message of this website and it makes you deeply troubled, explore that feeling. You deserve to get to know the big issues that affect you in a nuanced way. It is, however, completely okay if you forget about this message and continue with your life within your own idea of truth. No-one can define you or your own world. That is entirely yours to define and must be respected.

  • Remember that if someone makes a decision concerning their own medical treatment, they are always doing so within their current life experience. A young person has no way of knowing whether fertility or sexual function will matter to them in adulthood. Most people do want to have fulfilling sex and reproduce, despite often not finding these things interesting as children. Science says that medical transition has a significant impact on these aspects, especially by removing the capacity to reproduce, which is among your fundamental rights and one of the best parts of the lives of many adults, one which can give life as a whole a completely new meaning. Not even sterilizations are performed on adults under 30 for this reason. It is only fair to take such decisions into account from the eyes of an adult themselves.

  • If you know any trans people, respect them and treat them the way the wish to be treated. You cannot know their truth and arguing about identity does no-one any good. You do have freedom of expression, but defining someone else’s identity can easily breach personal boundaries.


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